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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Which J-Web window pane allows you to view and manage licenses?

A. Monitor
B. Configuration
C. Diagnose
D. Manage

Which J-Web menu should you use to view the router's "last known good" configuration?

A. Configuration > View and Edit
B. Configuration > Rescue
C. Configuration > Rollback
D. Configuration > History

Which major J-Web menu should you use to view the physical hardware in the router?

A. Manage
B. Diagnose
C. Configuration
D. Monitor

You are logged in to an M10i router as the lab user. The J-Web 8.0R2.8 package is located in your home directory.Which CLI command would install the J-Web interface?

A. load software jweb-8.0R2.8-signed.tgz
B. load software /home/lab/jweb-8.0R2.8-signed.tgz
C. request system software add jweb-8.0R2.8-signed.tgz
D. request system software add /home/lab/jweb-8.0R2.8-signed.tgz

Which J-Web menu displays the amount of free space on the router's compact flash?

A. Manage > System
B. Diagnose > Flash
C. Monitor > System
D. Monitor > Flash

What is the purpose of the services interface?

A. Processes traffic using class-of-service.
B. Provides various layer 2 and layer 3 services.
C. Used to bundle Ethernet interfaces on M-series routers.
D. Allows for secure shell access to the router.

Which three daemons are contained in the JUNOS software?
There are 3 correct answers

B. Routing Protocol
C. Management
D. Chassis

Which definition most accurately describes VRRP?

A. An election protocol used to designate one of multiple routers as the master router, which serves as the forwarding next-hop for the LAN.
B. A virtual protocol which makes VPN communications possible.
C. A redundancy protocol used to identify the active WAN circuit.
D. A link-state routing protocol used in Ethernet environments.

Which two statements regarding the JUNOS software user authentication methods are correct?There are 2 correct answers

A. Multiple users can authenticate using a common local user account.
B. Only one authentication method can be configured.
C. Multiple authentication methods can be configured.
D. All users must be configured locally on the router.

Which CLI command displays the hardware currently installed in the router?

A. show chassis alarms
B. show system hardware
C. show chassis hardware
D. show system environment

Which statements are true regarding DHCP services and J-series routers?
There are 2 correct answers

A. J-series routers can operate as a DHCP-relay agent only.
B. J-series routers can operate as a DHCP server.
C. J-series routers can function as a DHCP-relay agent and DHCP server simultaneously.
D. J-series routers can relay DHCP requests from one LAN to another.